Why we use GEO blocking

Due to increased cyberbullying and privacy violations, we, the operators of bka.li, have decided to take action and protect ourselves and our users from such personalities. 


For this reason, we will use geo-blocking on HTTP Ports and exclude the following countries from our services: Spain, Italy, France, England, Philippines.

In addition, Sweden, Norway, and Finland are on my watchlist for similar reasons, as the sharing of uncensored screenshots of emails I wrote to @JuneJenssen with the hate campaign initiator @Nalou_arts, who published them also uncensored via WeTransfer and Google Drive, or hypocrites like @GaldersArt who first make a friend and then do not have the courage to stand by what he said and kiss the ass of cyberbullies with lies. Whether they achieve anything at all in life with such a cowardly attitude is open to question. Personally, I wouldn't place any bets on it.


Since the Privacy Shield agreement with the USA has been declared invalid, contact with people from there should be treated with extreme caution. Hypocrites, bullies, and liars like @sylessae and her whole team, especially @ThisIsTroo, @Level20Artist, @LenoreLandry/@TinSilverthorn are just waiting for opportunities to smugly publish insults, lies, and personal data with their oversized egos.


To the more detailed:


Philippines and Italy:

It has come out several times that illustrators based here turn against you with the excuse "I don't want to be part of the drama" and join the slandering and character assassination of a well-known group. Whether it's peer pressure or just kissing ass. The best examples and decision-makers here are @DeaLunArt, @wnikeartist as well as @raekomiii.



In contrast to the Philippines, the illustrators here seem to be a lot more aggressive. They get abusive very quickly, and they don't think much of privacy. Unless it's about their own data, then they threaten legal action. As shown all too well by illustrators like @maiderbee as well as, especially, @iarhiee, with double standards, hateful content, and more lies.



It gets another notch more extreme than Spain. The illustrators based here are not only very quick to be very insulting. Still, they sometimes falsify evidence to fire up a hate campaign and have no idea whatsoever about privacy on the internet. So not only are false statements made here but private and personal data are also given to third parties. 

Moreover, extreme caution is advised, as they seem very peaceful for the time being, as long as they still get money from you. However, if you have paid them off, such as @ArysaeArt, they immediately become very aggressive, insulting, and pushy!

Bullies like @ThisIsRadinsky state in their profiles that they are a jurist but call the publication of private and personal information a "callout", which proves that he has no idea about data privacy law. Thus, his claim to be a jurist in his profile is just misdirection!

Extremism as I know only from Nazis. Insulting, as @onyrica has proven very well, and on the subject of data privacy in the Stone Age (for a surveillance country, really amazing). Also, @onyrica is an excellent example. She not only invoked the right of free speech because of her doxing (again, a parallel to the Nazis, they do it all the time too) but at the same time falsely accused me of being the author of the document at notes.bka.li, as well as trying to intimidate me into claiming the document was more illegal than her doxing.

For your information: My lawyer is aware of the document, and so far, no further comment came from him regarding the legality! Even if I had written it, it is not illegal!

Decisive here was the hypocritical, insulting and brainless participation of the following Twitter users in a hate campaign that violates not only one law but several worldwide:

@Onyrica, @Aeveala, @ophelia_noir, @WindsingerEU/@a_dwindy, and big names like @Bethesda_UK, who let bullies work as their community managers, and @CybersmileHQ who take money from cyberbullies, although they supposedly want to fight against exactly this kind of thing.

Regarding German cyberbullies, I cannot make any statement now because there are lawsuits against 3 German illustrators. They ignored my requests to remove the campaign and the cease and desist letter from my lawyer. 

The amount in dispute is in the 5 digit range and is already before the court.


We at BKA.li take privacy and security very seriously, so we will take legal action at any time and without hesitation. Be it to defend our own interests or the interests of our users!


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