Official public channels

Unless otherwise communicated, documents are really mine when published on the following channels:

In addition, rumors are going around that a specific document is also supposed to be written by me. To this, I already took at position and deny (again) any involvement in the document! Suppose you should be nevertheless the opinion to spread that this should be an official document from me. In that case, I will have to initiate legal actions because of violations of personal and privacy rights.

Framing the document to the false one to make the lies of cyberbullies more believable is a pathetic and stupid act by way more stupid people. Unless you can prove who wrote the document, it is not possible to attribute it to me. Especially since all the information used there is/was publicly available. However, in the current hate campaign against my person, framing and lying has apparently become a habit, and their follower seem to be just stupid enough that they swallow their crap as it comes through their hatred writings/mouths.

And if you think you must continue to follow their lies and hatred: Go fuck yourself and find a job as well as another hobby than bullying!

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