Why does Fapsi already have such a "long" domain blocklist?

Since I am not only on Fapsi.be and Lemmy.ml active, but with naldela_teleyal@writing.exchange and kromonos@social.snopyta.org already in the Fediverse for a while, I pay attention to the interaction of course. If I already notice instances outside Fapsi.be negatively by e.g., blackmailing and/or hate speech, so it is to be assumed that these would certainly not change their behavior, only because I permit them to connect with my server. Therefore, I prohibit access right from the beginning, so that the toxic behavior of the instances does not also corrupt Fapsi.be. 

Of course, we could use the favorite excuse of administrators and moderators who are just too stupid and say “To protect our users”, but that would be too easy. I just don't want to have such morons, who can be manipulated so easily, or even manipulate, on my server!

You can find a more detailed description per domain on fapsi.be.

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